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What is the maintenance of jaw crusher?

Regular maintenance of jaw crusher helps to improve the crushing efficiency of the crusher. Proper maintenance can also extend the life of your equipment and reduce the risk of failure.

the maintenance of jaw crusher

The maintenance of jaw crusher

Keep the oil system clean

You should keep the oil system free of contamination. You should promptly clean up the sludge accumulated in the storage tank.

Periodic inspection

The contents of regular inspections include but are not limited to:

  1. Lubrication condition
  2. Adjustment of jaw settings
  3. The wear condition of the jaw plate
  4. Wear condition of toggle plate
  5. The condition of the bearing
  6. The drive belt for wear
  7. Machine fasteners
  8. Alignment of eccentric shaft and main frame
  9. Hydraulic system (if applicable)
  10. Crusher feeding area
  11. Crusher discharge area

Replace in time

The wearing parts that need to be replaced promptly include:

  1. lubricating oil
  2. Jaw plate
  3. Toggle plate
  4. The bearing
  5. The belt
the maintenance of jaw crusher

Monitor operations and log data

You should keep detailed records of all maintenance activities, including dates, actions taken and parts replaced. These detailed records are critical for tracking maintenance history and identifying trends that may require additional attention.

Operator safety awareness training

Provide operators with training on the proper operation and maintenance of machines. Operator safety awareness is critical to preventing damage and ensuring safe operation.

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