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What is crushing efficiency of stone crusher?

Crushing efficiency of stone crusher is the ratio of stone crusher’s operation to the fed material size to give the required size. It usually varies, but the crushing efficiency is related to the crushing ratio of the stone crusher. Hence, increasing the crushing efficiency of stone crusher reduction ratio depends on the amount of material fed into the crusher’s chamber.

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How to calculate the crushing efficiency of stone crusher?

The method for crushing efficiency is:

Crushing efficiency = (Actual amount of material smaller than the specified size / Theoretical amount of material smaller than the specified size) x 100%

How to improve the crushing efficiency of my stone crusher?

There are many factors that affect crushing efficiency. These factors include but are not limited to:

Characteristics of crushing stone

  • Size and shape of stone: Larger and irregularly shaped stones require more crushing energy. Therefore, the crushing efficiency will be reduced.
  • Hardness and abrasiveness of the crushed material: Harder and more abrasive materials will reduce crushing efficiency. For the same crusher, concrete crushing and limestone crushing have different crushing efficiencies.

Types of stone crushers

  • Crushing mechanism: Different types of crushers (jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, etc.) have different crushing mechanisms. Therefore they have different efficiencies.
  • Characteristics of stone crushers: Factors such as crusher speed, stroke, crushing chamber geometry and crusher settings all affect crushing efficiency.

Operating conditions of stone crusher

  • Feeding rate: Excessive feeding will cause the stone crusher to be overloaded or even jammed. This will reduce the crushing efficiency, thereby affecting the production process.
  • Crusher speed: Higher crusher speed can improve the efficiency of certain types of crushers, but too high a speed will increase the wear of the crusher and will also increase production costs accordingly.

Maintenance and wearing parts

Regular maintenance and timely replacement of wearing parts can ensure that the stone crusher operates at optimal crushing efficiency. As the saying goes: If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools.

Moisture content of crushed materials

The higher the moisture content of the crushed materials, the greater the adhesion between the materials will be. Therefore, wet materials will reduce the crushing efficiency of the stone crusher.

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Particle size distribution of materials

Uniform material particle size distribution can improve crushing efficiency.

Circular crushing production line

When the stone crusher operates in a circulating crushing production line with a vibrating screen, the vibrating screen can recycle larger particles into the crusher for further crushing. This will improve the crushing efficiency.

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