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How to crush concrete into gravel – simple information sharing

how to crush concrete into gravel

In today’s rapidly changing infrastructure, demolition or renovation of buildings is a very common thing. Demolition of buildings creates a lot of concrete waste. So how should we recycle and make full use of this concrete? This is the topic we are going to discuss today: how to crush concrete into gravel?

Concrete is a common building material that is made by mixing cement, sand, aggregates (such as crushed stone, gravel) and water. It is widely used in buildings, infrastructure, and other structures because of its strength, durability, malleability, and relatively low cost.

How to crush concrete into gravel?

how to crush concrete into gravel

Crushing concrete into gravel is a very environmentally friendly and rewarding thing to do. The completion of this matter can save you money and even bring you huge profits. Plus, you can use these recycled new materials for things like renovating buildings or landscaping.

So how to crush concrete into gravel? Let’s first understand what are the steps and special equipment needed to crush concrete into gravel.

Steps for crushing concrete into gravel


Before breaking concrete, you should first have some safety equipment such as goggles, gloves, and a dust mask. These devices protect themselves from dust and debris.

Concrete waste or material

Construction waste
Construction waste

Concrete waste often contains rebar (steel bars) and other contaminants. Before breaking concrete into gravel, you’ll need to remove rebar and other contaminants. This can be accomplished by manual labor or specialized equipment to separate these contaminants. Such specialized equipment includes concrete breakers.

Concrete crusher

Concrete crusher

Concrete Crusher is a crushing equipment specially used to break concrete into gravel. There are many types of concrete crushers such as jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, mobile crushers. Jaw crushers are used for primary crushing, impact crushers and cone crushers are used for secondary and tertiary crushing.

Loading and conveying equipment

B6X Belt Conveyor

After the concrete has been broken down into gravel-sized pieces, it’s time to transport it to where you want it. Loading and conveying equipment is very important for this task. Because they can save a lot of effort and time.

Screening and Sorting Equipment

Y Vibrating Screen
S5X Vibrating Screen

Crushed concrete contains particles of different sizes. Sieving equipment can separate these different sized particles into different categories. Different types of gravel have different uses.

Dust suppression

In the process of crushing concrete, a large amount of dust is generated. These dusts endanger the environment and health. We can suppress dust by spraying water.

Forklifts and Transport Equipment

After passing through the screening equipment, the gravel is divided into different types. At this time, we need forklifts and transportation equipment to deliver the finished product to the intended destination.

Crushed concrete is one of the raw materials for various landscaping and construction projects. It is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional gravel. Crushed concrete can be used to build new driveways, fill potholes, or serve as a base for new construction.

Gravel finished products
Gravel finished products


Crushing concrete into gravel is an economical and environmentally friendly project. Concrete recycling is an effective and cost-effective method. By following the steps above and using the necessary equipment, you can easily turn concrete waste into a valuable resource and reap great benefits. Also, regulations and safety guidelines may vary depending on your location. If you are planning a project that involves breaking concrete into gravel, it is recommended that you consult an expert in the field and comply with all safety and environmental regulations.

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