F5X Vibrating Feeder

F5X Vibrating Feeder

F5X Vibrating Feeder is designed for super-heavy operation condition. It has 4.5G of strong vibration intensity and extremely firm chute body structure. With 1600TPH capacity, 1.5m maximum feeding particle size and 25~45 m³ standard capacity of bin, it is able to bear 80 m³ compartment pressure, which adapts to heavy compartment pressure, high load and heavy impact and other similar poor conditions during the primary feeding operation.

Product Features: Super-heavy design and 4.5G of strong vibration intensity release better performances.
  • Input Size: 0-1500mm
  • Capacity: 500-1600TPH
  • Material: Granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz, pebble, copper ore, iron ore and so on


Super-Heavy Chute Body Able to Hold High Pressure and Strong Shocks

Different from the light chute of traditional feeders which use 16# or 20# joist steel and box iron as the longitudinal beam, the super-heavy chute F5X Vibrating Feeder adopts large rectangular tube, able to hold high cabin pressure and strong shocks from falling materials and able to feed materials continuously.

Strong Vibration Intensity, Large Operation Capacity

Vibration intensity G-force is the key index to measure vibration machine’s performance. The stronger it is, the larger operation capacity is. F5X Vibrating Feeder benchmarks international leading technologies and adopts advanced design philosophy and manufacturing technique. The vibration intensity is up to 4.5G, which is 30% larger than traditional devices. In the same specification, it has more operation capacity.

Efficient, Reliable & Convenient FV Super Vibrator

To satisfy higher performance and heavy load, repeated start-stop, frequency change and other poor conditions, F5X Vibrating Feeder is equipped with FV super vibrator just like a heart, which achieves reliable operation, convenient maintenance, interchange of components and high degree of commonality. The lubricating maintenance period is up to 1500 hours.

Reasonable Arrangement of Rods, Efficient Pre-screening Function

The rods are made of NM wear-resistant steel material which has long life expectancy and high screening efficiency. The installation is quite easy, too. The ladder structure formed by two sets of rods can screen out part of fine materials, so the load of primary crusher is reduced greatly.

Digitized Machining, Higher Precision

SBM has dozens of CNC (Computer numerical control) machine production lines. From steel plates’ cutting, bending, planning to final painting, all steps can be controlled numerically. High processing precision assures that key parts have higher standards.

Sufficient Spare Part Supply, Worriless Operation

SBM, as a prominent enterprise integrating machine production and sales in mining machinery industry, is dedicated to be responsible for every product. Meanwhile, SBM always makes every effort to offer customers comprehensive technical services and sufficient spare parts to let them be free from worries about project operation.

Working Principle

F5X Vibrating Feeder uses a motor to drive the eccentric shaft inside the vibrator. The shaft is connected by gears with another shaft juxtaposed to each other. When these two shafts rotate, there is the exciting force. The shaft is arranged in such a way that the resulting stroke slowly pushes materials from the feed end to the discharge end. At the same time, materials are sieved to make the particles more uniform. Typically, a bar screen is equipped at the discharge end of the F5X Vibrating Feeder. Through it, materials whose sizes are smaller than the spacing between two bars are screened out and the larger-sized materials are conveyed into the crusher.

Product Parameters

Model Size of funnel (mm) Grizzly length (mm) Inclination (°) Speed (r/min) Double amplitude (mm) Maximum feed size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Overall dimension (mm)
F5X1045(M) 1000×4500 1×1200 5(0-10) 1000(500-1000) 8.5 700 400 15 4475×1660×1485
F5X1345(M) 1300×4500 1×1200 900 600 22 4475×1960×1485
F5X1360(S) 1300×6000 2×1200 900 600 30 6195×1960×1680
F5X1645(M) 1600×4500 1×1200 1200 1000 22 4475×2260×1485
F5X1660(S) 1600×6000 2×1200 1200 1000 30 6195×2260×1680
F5X2060 2000×6000 2×1200 5(0-15) 1000(500-1000) 8.5 1500 2400 45 6195×2660×1680
F5X1354G 1300×5000 4×900 5(0-10) 1000(500-1000) 8 900 500 22 4998×2601×2571
F5X1654G 1600×5000 4×900 5(0-10) 1000(500-1000) 8 1200 800 30 4998×2931×2571
F5X2054G 2000×5000 4×900 5(0-10) 1000(500-1000) 8 1500 1200 45 4998×3481×2625


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