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Which is better cone stone crusher or jaw crusher?

Cone stone crusher or jaw crusher depends on several factors, including the initial cost, the method of crushing, the type of stone being crushed, the desired finished product size, the crushing stages used, Capacity and Efficiency, overall production requirements.

Which is better cone stone crusher or jaw crusher?

Difference between cone crusher and jaw crusher

There are quite a few differences between cone crusher and jaw crusher. These differences are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

The initial cost

Which has a lower initial cost, cone stone crusher or jaw crusher? Compared to jaw crusher, cone crusher has a lower initial cost.

Feed size range

The jaw crusher has a larger range of feed sizes and can be flexibly used in production lines with more feed sizes.

The method of crushing

The crushing method of the cone crusher is to use a rotating cone head to rotate within a fixed bowl-shaped housing. Materials enter the crushing cavity between the machine head and the drum, and the rotating cone head crushes the stones.

While the crushing method of the jaw crusher is to use a fixed jaw and a movable jaw that moves forward and backward. When the stone enters between the fixed jaw and the movable jaw, the movable jaw crushes the material through regular movement.

cone stone crusher

The type of stone being crushed

Cone crushers generally crush hard or abrasive materials such as granite, basalt and other hard rock types.

Jaw crushers are better at crushing softer materials such as limestone, shale and other sedimentary rocks.

The desired finished product size

Compared to jaw crushers, cone crushers can produce fine and uniformly crushed finished products.

Due to the forward and backward movement of the movable jaw, the jaw crusher can produce more sizes of crushed products.

The crushing stages used

About cone stone crusher or jaw crusher, cone stone crusher can be used in the secondary, tertiary or quaternary crushing stages of a crushing production line. The jaw crusher can only be used in the first stage of crushing.

jaw crusher

Capacity and Efficiency

In terms of capacity, cone crushers usually have higher capacity and can achieve higher crushing efficiency per hour.

In terms of energy consumption, jaw crushers may be more energy efficient, especially in smaller operations.

Maintenance and Wear

Cone stone crusher generally costs less to maintain and have a longer life than jaw crushers. Jaw crushers, on the other hand, may require more frequent maintenance and replacement of worn parts, such as jaw plates.

In summary, if you are more concerned about cost and your raw materials are not corrosive, then a jaw crusher may be more suitable. On the other hand, if you require a finer, more uniform product and your material is harder or more abrasive, a cone crusher may be a better choice. Your specific application, material characteristics and production requirements must be considered when choosing cone stone crusher or jaw crusher. Consulting with equipment manufacturers or industry experts can also provide valuable insights.

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