Pebble and Limestone Sand Making Plant

Pebble and Limestone Sand Making Plant
Pebble and Limestone Sand Making Plant

This customer is a large aggregates company and has engaged in concrete mixing industry for many years with strong strength in local area. In order to realize corporate transformation, they contacted SBM and decided to invest in building a high-quality aggregates production project of pebble and limestone sand making plant.

Project Profile


  1. Greener – The project adopted wet processing technology that can effectively reduce the pollution to environment. It made the production meet environmental standards and can realize both economic benefit and environmental benefit.
  2. Reasonable scheme designs – After comprehensively inspecting the site by SBM’s engineers, they decided to use existing site topography to build plant. The whole design was very reasonable which not only saved the use of equipment but greatly reduced the operation cost.
  3. Advanced technology and reliable equipment – The overall production technology and equipment are at the advanced level in the world. The major equipment adopted advanced hydraulic control technology with stable performance, which can ensure efficient and stable operation of the whole project.

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