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Some Kinds of Ore Raw Materials and Finished Stone Materials

Do you know much about ore raw materials or finished stone materials? There are many kinds of ore materials. We can all use rock crushing equipment or milling equipment to crush them. The resulting finished stone materials of different sizes have different uses. Here, let’s learn more about rock raw materials and stone finished materials. The more you know about them, the more rewarding you will be in the industry.

Rock Crushers

Due to the different uses of finished stones, the processing methods of these ore materials will be different. In the process of processing, the equipment we use will be different. These equipment include rock crusher equipment and stone grinding equipment. Among them, there are differences in the particle size of the product, which will in turn affect the use of the finished stone. We will learn these knowledge together in another article.

Stone Material Crushing

The following are some materials suitable for crushing stone:

Stone NamesOre Raw MaterialsCrushed Stone Products
River PebblesRiver PebblesShaped River Pebbles
GraniteGraniteCrushed Granite
GoldGoldCrushed Gold
TuffTuffCrushed Tuff
LimestoneLimestoneCrushed Limestone
LimoniteLimoniteCrushed Limonite
HematiteHematiteCrushed Hematite
BasaltBasaltCrushed Basalt

Stone Material Grinding

Here are some stone materials suitable for grinding:

Stone NamesOre Raw MaterialGrinding Finished Products
DolomiteDolomiteDolomite Powder
MarbleMarbleMarble Powder
CalciteCalciteCalcite Powder
GraniteGraniteGranite Powder
GoldGoldGold Powder
MagnesiteMagnesiteMagnesite Powder
ZincZincZinc Powder
LimeLimeLime Powder
BasaltBasaltBasalt Powder
BariteBariteBarite Powder

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